My first martial art was judo, back in 1974. I was seven years old, living on Guam at Anderson Air Force Base. Studied karate for a bit in high school until the dojo got shut down, and started studying Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in 1983. That’s been my primary path of martial arts study ever since.

In fact, nearly everything has been driven by my martial arts study. I stayed in Dayton, OH for college because I didn’t want to leave my dojo, and I studied Philosophy for my B.A. because it seemed to fit my thinking at the time. I got an M.A. in English so that i could become a better writer, and I got a Master in Humanities because it allowed me to focus on Human Movement Studies (my self-directed studies topic).

When I moved to NYC in 1994, I became a personal trainer in order to learn about exercise and fitness, which would help me become a better martial artist. In the years since, I’ve studied boxing, wrestling, and aikido, to find tools to improve my taijutsu. And along the way in my readings, travels, and studies, I’ve learned a lot that have helped my study of Budo.

So now I’m a father, husband, martial artist, writer, and perpetual student who has come a long way, but is still caught with a nagging feeling that I should be much better at taijutsu than I am, and that I should have a better understanding of Budo than I do. So this blog is like another master’s degree for me, a self-directed study of conflict and warfare and life, to see if I can figure start to seal up some of the seams in my understanding of it all.